Win7I received the Windows 7 Party pack from Microsoft/Houseparty and will be hosting the party in Hyderabad, India on October 23rd. Now I need to finalize the list of lucky guests who would receive Windows 7 Tote Bags and get to see me ‘showing off’ the shiny new Windows 7 Signature Edition DVD I received from Microsoft.

I am also planning to demonstrate the following Windows 7 features to the fortunate few. Yay!

  • Clean Windows 7 desktop.
  • Awesome new Aero Themes.
  • Desktop Slideshow – automatically changes the desktop background.
  • Aero Peek – lets you peek under open windows at the desktop.
  • Windows Flip – full-screen previews of the currently selected window.
  • Aero Snap – lets you snap windows to the edges of screens.
  • Aero Shake – minimizes all other windows when you ‘shake’ the active window.
  • New taskbar – reordering shortcuts, live previews and progress indicators.
  • Jump Lists

BTW, Happy Birthday to me.

-Thanks, Jinesh.