You can use the besuseradminclient.exe command line tool (BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration Tool Client – part of the BES Resource kit) to move users between BlackBerry servers.

The first step is to download and install BES Resource Kit. It can be installed on any server in your Domain – not only on BlackBerry servers.

Once you have it installed , launch the tool and run the following command to check if it is able to connect to the BAS server (BlackBerry Administration Service) or not.

BESUserAdminClient.exe -n BAS_Server -username Admin_User -password Your_Password -ad_auth -domain Domain_Name -status

Example: BESUserAdminClient.exe -n BASServer01 -username Jinesh971 -password P@ssw0rd91 -ad_auth -domain -status

Command to move a user: BESUserAdminClient.exe -n BASServer01 -username Jinesh971 -password P@ssw0rd91 -ad_auth -domain -u  -move -b SOURCE_BES -t TARGET_BES

Command to move multiple users: BESUserAdminClient.exe -n BASServer01 -move -i D:\BESMOVE\input.txt -o D:\BESMOVE\output.txt -username Jinesh971 -password P@ssw0rd91 -ad_auth -domain

Format of INPUT.TXT


Hope this helps somebody.

– Thanks, Jinesh.